Sunday, 15 January 2017

Toffee the cat won a prize!

Hi, Over Christmas I entered lots of comps online to try win something for my cat Toffee. Twitter and facebook were full of festive cuteness that Toffee would love! All the big magazines were also offering prizes.Like share,comment, email. I entered them all.

From the 1st Dec to the 24th there were 'advent' comps everywhere. A chance to enter every day. Although I didnt enter each day, I did try keep up with the ones I loved. A new prize each day....very exciting ha,ha try try again as they say. for 24 days in this case!

I am happy to say the persistence paid off. I received a surprise Facebook message to say I had won with a company called Pet Hut! The parcel arrived about 2 week later. I had no idea what would be inside, it was also festive jumper day at work, so even more fun when I opened the box to find toffee could wear his own festive collar!

He is still enjoy the goodies, I am making them last :)
Priscilla x
Hi everyone, New blog! I thought I would start a blog about all the competitions I enter, I enter 100s a day. Well I can reach that number on a day off work, waiting for my fav tv show to begin,waiting for the kettle to boil, just one more look at Twitter before bed. Its easy fun and quick. I have been quite lucky,and so has my cat Toffee. Its a fun hobby!! 
I will also be vlogging,creating art, sharing some cake design videos,cooking videos and anything else I can think to add on this blog. 
See you all very soon!
Priscilla x